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Heights Entrepreneurs Plot an EaDo Restaurant Revolution: Three New Spots Will Help Transform the Neighborhood Food Scene - PaperCity Magazine
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Heights Entrepreneurs Plot an EaDo Restaurant Revolution

Three New Spots Will Help Transform the Neighborhood Food Scene

BY // 06.21.17

Chef Ryan Pera and beverage connoisseur Morgan Weber have dominated The Heights restaurant scene for six years, launching a trio of Houston restaurants and bars — Coltivare, Eight Row Flint, and Revival Market — under their growing restaurant group Agricole Hospitality.

Now, the duo will help incubate the changing food scene of another budding sector of Houston, just as they once did in The Heights. Pera and Weber are heading to EaDo for three new concepts (named Indianola, Miss Carousel, and Vinny’s) and this time, they’re adding a new partner to the mix — longtime Agricole culinary director Vincent Huynh.

“Vincent has been a great partner for a long time, and we’ve finally made it official,” Weber says. “The three of us have worked together so long that it was a natural extension of Agricole Hospitality to give him a personal stake in the success of our projects. He’s essential to our team.”

The EaDo neighborhood is undergoing a culinary renaissance of sorts, attracting the likes of popular restaurants such as causal cafe and bakery Tout Suite, the newly opened Seaside Poke, and the forthcoming diner Nancy’s Hustle.

“We’re glad to be a part of the growth in EaDo. This neighborhood is truly rooted in Houston culture,” Pera says. “It’s the neighborhood of Old Chinatown, warehouses, and railroads. But now it’s become a walkable extension of Downtown. It’s a blossoming neighborhood that we want to be a part of.”

Stationed at 1201 Saint Emmanuel Street, Agricole’s massive space will house all three concepts:

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Indianola, an ode to the Indianola port which was the main entry point for immigrants headed to Texas, will be a neighborhood eatery for EaDo touting breakfast, lunch, and dinner in modern, 3,000 square-foot surrounds.

Attached to Indianola via a corridor is Miss Carousel, a bar and lounge that will showcase 25 to 30 cocktails and an edited menu from the restaurant. Named after a Townes Van Zandt song, Miss Carousel’s interiors will mimic a living room, furnished with couches, chairs, rugs, and a fireplace.

“I realize that the cocktail quality in restaurants and bars nationwide is much higher, but what lies beyond that?” Pera says.

“What about comfort?” Weber says. “What about hospitality? What about sitting with a group of friends — some of whom just want a great margarita and others that want a drink that pushes the envelope — but in an extremely comfortable space that feels more like you’re kicking back in someone’s living room, rather than in a modern cocktail bar full of pretension.

“The great booze, amazing glassware, fresh citrus, and perfect ice should be a given at this point. This bar is about the guest being comfortable and drinking exactly the way he/she wants.”

Vinny’s serves as the last piece of Agricole’s restaurant trifecta, offering pizza by the slice and delivery in a fast, casual setting. Expect a bevy of different style pies on the menu.

“We know pizza,” Huynh says. “This is our place for you when you really want a slice.”

Expect Indianola, Miss Carousel, and Vinny’s to all make their official debut this Fall.

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