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The Go-To Trainer for Celebs and Victoria's Secret Models: Simone De La Rue Shares Her Most Important Secrets - PaperCity Magazine
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The Go-To Trainer for Celebs and Victoria’s Secret Models

Simone De La Rue Shares Her Most Important Secrets

BY // 09.14.17

When celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Sandra Bullock want to get in tip-top shape, they call Simone De La Rue. The fitness mogul is a go-to trainer for Hollywood’s leading ladies, Victoria’s Secret Models, and thousands of everyday women who wish to attain a Body By Simone. Her empire includes three fitness studios (two in Los Angeles, one in New York City), a book, a DVD, online videos, and a role in E Network’s Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.

Dallasites will have a chance to train with the famously fit founder of Body By Simone when she comes to town for the Westin Galleria’s first annual Sweat Showcase, a day-long wellness event on Sunday, September 24. De La Rue will join other industry experts for a panel discussion, and teach one of her famous BBS classes.

PaperCity spoke with the celebrity trainer ahead of her Dallas visit to snag a few of her favorite wellness tips:

What’s one simple thing people can do on a daily basis to get healthier?

Get eight hours of sleep every night! Sleep is extremely important. It aids weight loss, it’s a time when your body can  heal and repair. And when you feel rested you make better eating choices. You are not reaching for the coffee or donut.

What’s your advice for people making the transition to a healthy, fit lifestyle?

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Start slowly and set realistic goals. It’s hard to decide week one, to work out seven times a week and also completely change your diet. It is too extreme, and you will be more likely to give up. Baby steps.

What are some ways to stick to that? As far as diet and exercise? Keep a food and exercise journal to keep yourself accountable. Also find a workout buddy that can help motivate you and keep you on track.

Tips for someone just beginning to work out?

Find something you enjoy doing, and make that your workout. If you like nature take up hiking, if you like to dance take dance cardio classes. If you connect with the workout then you will want to continue doing it.

What are some foods that you should immediately eliminate?

Alcohol and sugar. Just cutting out alcohol alone from your diet will create a huge change in your body. Wine especially is filled with sugar and often women eat a salad for lunch but drink their calories. If the end goal is weight loss and a clean system then this should be the first to go.

Any strict diet rules you recommend? Foods that you love, foods that you have sworn off?

I encourage my clients to try and eliminate dairy, gluten, sugar, starch, and alcohol to give their body a rest and cleanse and detoxify their system. This cleanse should last 14 days and I recommend clients doing this cleanse twice a year. For inspiration follow the cleanse in my book “The 8 week Total Body Transformation.” Increasing protein intake  is important to help build muscle and also assists with weight loss. Try and eat real foods and whole foods. A piece of grilled chicken breast is also a better choice over a protein bar.

What are some exercises for tricky areas like inner thighs and lower abs?

Grab a Pilates ball and place it between your knees. Squeeze your thighs together and activate your adductors, hold the contraction and then release the ball. Repeat for 3 sets of 10 reps. You can do this exercise sitting or standing. I recommend a 9 inch Pilates ball. Place it under your lower spine as you lay on your back so you are balancing on the small Pilates ball. Lift both legs up towards the ceiling. Lower one leg towards the floor but do not let your spine arch. Keep your lower abdominals engaged at all times. Hold for two seconds and lift the leg back up to your starting position. Repeat on the other leg. Three sets of eight reps.

What are some fun ways to mix up your workout routine?

Make a playlist with all your favorite tracks. Music can take you on a journey and motivate you for a killer workout. Currently on my playlist – When Doves Cry radio, “Real life” by Duke Dumont, “Rhymes” by Hannah Wants.

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