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Beauty Gurus Share their Favorite Fall Skincare Tips: Keep Your Summer Glow - PaperCity Magazine
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Beauty Gurus Share their Favorite Fall Skincare Tips

Keep Your Summer Glow

BY // 09.15.17

The temperatures are still high and the days are still long, but let’s face it; summer is coming to an end. While you may be getting ready to transition your wardrobe for the fall, have you considered how your skincare needs change with the seasons?

We chatted with three skincare experts to find out how to achieve a summer-worthy glow year-round. Here’s what we learned:

Be Aggressive

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jeff Angobaldo of Renaissance Plastic Surgery and Med Spa recommends getting stronger facials and peels in the cooler months. “We suspend a lot of the big chemical peels, and lasers until the fall, and they all should be pretreated with a Retin A product,” he says. These treatments often limit sun exposure, so it’s best to wait until pool season is over.

Joanna Czech, whose impressive list of clients includes Anna Wintour and Rihanna, agrees that fall is the time to break out the heavy duty products and treatments. “This is the best time for more aggressive treatments. I recommend a series of peels, microneedling or radio frequency for skin tightening as we don’t need to worry about strong sun exposure during these colder months,” she says. 

Jamie O’Banion, co-founder and CEO of clinical-grade luxury skincare line Beauty Bioscience, has a two-step skincare trick for fall and winter.  “Most of us experience dry skin as the cold weather makes its debut and our heaters crank on. To help avoid dull, dry skin, remember the two Ms: Microneedling and Moisturizing. It’s so important to deeply exfoliate as the weather changes, and microneedling forces the constant production of new, young skin cells and sheds old, dry skin,” she says. 

Keep Sunscreen on Hand

The sun may not feel as powerful on cold days, but it’s still doing plenty to your skin. All three skincare experts urge the use of sunscreen year-round.

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“The key in general, all year, is to get good SPF protection all the time, even on the lips. We recommend SPF 50 at all times,” Dr. Angobaldo says.

“During the day you should continue to use [sunscreen] and no higher than SPF 30. Depending on what you are doing during the day you can use 15-30 SPF. Even more important than the SPF number, I  like to stick to great quality products that are also a treatment as they sit on your skin all day.  I love Biologique Recherche Protection UV (SPF25) and Barbara Sturm Sun Drops,” says Czech. 

“You should never go without wearing a daily SPF. The sun doesn’t take a vacation in the winter and those rays still beat down whether it’s 89 or 39 degrees. Even during those rare Dallas ‘snow days’, I am wearing The Perfector, a yummy cashmere primer, SPF and skin-filter in one that auto-adjusts to your skin tone. Always use SPF 25 or higher,” O’Banion says. 

Ramp Up the Hydration

Moisturizer is important, but it’s not the only way to combat dry winter skin. Our experts have a few unexpected tricks for keeping hydrated…

“Adding a humidifier to your bedroom will help bolster the upper layer of the skin and help maintain glowy summer skin,” says O’Banion.  “Avoid using cleansers that strip your skin (you’ll know you’re using one if your skin feels really ‘tight’ after cleansing) and opt for a gentle, neutral cleanser like Cetaphil from the drug store or The Balance at Neiman Marcus.”

“The most important thing in the cooler months is going to be hydration,” says Dr. Angobaldo’s medical assistant, Raquel. “Drink drink drink. You’re going to moisturize from the inside out. And then also topically you’re going to want to use a thicker cream at night than you would in the summer months.”

“I switch to lighter water based moisturizers in the evening and heavier oil based moisturizers for the day… make sure you use oil based products during the day as water based products can cause redness and broken capillaries,” says Czech.

You can catch more skincare tips from Jamie O’Banion at Neiman Marcus NorthPark on Saturday, September 16 from 1 to 3 p.m. as she launches Beauty Bioscience’s new Core Collection.

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