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Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Glitz, Glamour and Hot Wheels: United States Grand Prix Brings Much More than Racing to Texas - PaperCity Magazine
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Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Glitz, Glamour and Hot Wheels

United States Grand Prix Brings Much More than Racing to Texas

BY Promoted Series Correspondent // 10.03.17

It sounds like a scene straight out of Monte Carlo, the French Riviera or some other far-flung exotic hotbed of glitz and glamour. World renowned entertainers, superstar celebrities and plenty of vroom, vroom. Only, it’s happening right in the heart of Texas, just outside of Austin.

Start with Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder concerts (as if that wouldn’t usually be more than enough on their own). Add in a dash of A-List fans (Kate Upton, George Lucas, John Snow… er Kit Harrington, Owen Wilson, Donatella Versace, a Prince and Princess or two are known to be fans just to name a few). Drop in the speed of the sexiest race cars in the world and well… it’s time to hit the track.

Yes, Formula 1 racing returns to Circuit of The Americas for its only United States stop this year with a revved up festival atmosphere. Calling this just a race is like calling the Super Bowl just a football game.

The 2017 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX brings an entire supersized extended weekend of mega entertainment and fun, October 20 to 22.

And you thought Austin City Limits was the be all and end all for the Live Music Capital of the World?

The Justin Timberlake concert (see him before he returns to the Super Bowl halftime show stage) and Stevie Wonder concert (legends only come around so often) push this event into a different stratosphere than most sporting weekends. Timberlake will take the stage after the track events on Saturday, October 21. Wonder will close everything out after the big race is completed on Sunday, October 22.

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Two nights, two different generations of Grammy Award-winning, genre-breaking performers. On top of that, Texas musicians will be performing on various stages throughout Circuit of The Americas the entire weekend. And you thought Austin City Limits was the be all and end all for the Live Music Capital of the World?

Race weekend turns Circuit of the Americas into a festival-like atmosphere.

This weekend isn’t just about music, though. Food trucks, pop-up sports bars, an F1 Game Zone and an F1 Family Fun Zone (remote control cars, face painting, nail art, fake tattoos and more) create a true festival feel around the track.

This year — the sixth year of the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas — ups the ante by bringing golf into the equation. TopGolf Crush allows fans to crush golf balls while overlooking COTA’s legendary turn one. Talk about giving new definition to the term “spectator sport.”

The Formula 1 Glamour

 If you’ve never attended a Formula 1 weekend before, go ahead and erase any preconceived notions you have over what a car racing event can be. F1 puts the glamour into racing. These aren’t good old boys chugging around the track.

Instead, you’ll find a sophisticated, international scene where the partying can be refined, if no less intense. If you enjoy a great meal at a top steakhouse or a stay at a five-star resort (and who doesn’t?), you’ll appreciate F1’s vibe.

This is the only place in the United States you can see this four-wheel zooming festival of fun. This is one of those weekends that people look forward to all year like a Super Bowl or a Lollapalooza.

And anyone who’s ever been to a mega event knows, there is nothing quite like being a VIP at such a happening. With that in mind, it’s easy to upgrade your admissions ticket to add extra perks such as a standing pit upgrade to be as close to Stevie Wonder as possible when he performs.

Now, that’s an adrenalin kick.

For tickets and more information, go to or call direct for personal service at 512-655-6300.

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